We stand behind our work. We make unique jewelry creations that not only look beautiful but by using natural gemstones, precious metals and color; we purpose to help our wearer heal through the vibration of the gemstones. Now, we cannot prove any of the metaphysical healing property of each gemstone but, we do believe that they do exist. Let it be said here and now that yes, we do believe that each stone has its own healing vibration; that each gemstone, different metals and colors all have unique properties which can help the wearer heal from a sundry of illnesses, whether it is turquoise for healing or Labradorite for Luck. Each handcrafted piece that we create is unique and original. We take pride in purchasing uniquely shaped stones and designer collection beads to make certain that our wearer gets top quality originals created by JewelryRX. Our jewelry is inspired by the gemstones themselves, which are found throughout the world in an amazing array of colors, shapes and textures. We so often purchase rough gemstone material and take it back to the workshop where it is molded, shaped, cut and polished into beautiful wearable gemstones. We allow the gemstone shape and color to determine its creation. Whether it is going to be a pendant or ring, wire wrapped or strung into a necklace or bracelet is simply up to the stone. We only have the finishing creative input. The necklaces, bracelets and earrings are inspired by these amazing gemstones and they come to be truly, unique, original and creative pieces of wearable art. We believe that you will be making an investment in our Artisan Crafted jewelry that you will want to wear for years to come. Our goal is to provide quality handcrafted jewelry and beaded creations for a very unique buyer – one who appreciates unique gemstone jewelry that’s one of a kind pieces and are NOT FOUND in any “Super Big Box Store” or mall. Jewelry that will provide a beautiful experience to the wearer and allow them to “Look Good, Feel Better” while wearing it.