Color Change Sapphire Ring


Sapphire is known as The Stone of Prosperity.  It is said to help release mental tension, depression, unwanted thoughts and spiritual confusion.  Sapphire helps restores balance within the body, aligning the physical, mental and spiritual planes.   Sapphire has also been associated with Divine Favor.  The Ancient Royals and Priests long believed Sapphires to bring to the wearer Peace, Wisdom, Prosperity and Favor from the Heavens.  Sapphire is one of the jewels that is a MUST in your Fashion Arsenal.

Wearing Sapphire is one way to create Prosperity into your reality. Make certain to begin your day by:

  • First, Affirm, "I am Blessed and Highly Favored".  Repeat often and with conviction.
  • Secondly, Wear your Sapphire Jewelry.  Glancing at it often to remind yourself of "Who you are and Whose You are".

This is a Color Change Sapphire.  Changing colors from Cornflower Blue to Sun Punched Purple depending on what light source.  This is a Lab Created Stone but, is considered a REAL Gemstone as it has all the optical, chemical and physical properties of a natural color change Sapphire.  This item is a unisex item and is a sz. 8.5.  

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