Montana Agate Pendant


Montana Agate  -  The Montana Agate is a type of  Moss Agate.  Moss Agates are typically green but, Montana Agate will usually have browns, oranges and yellows with black.  It is considered to be a very lucky omen stone.  It tends to gradually add to your life the things you tend to need and desire most.  Whether it is Money, Recognition, Success or Love.  Wear this pendant as a Talisman making certain that you are affirming throughout the day.  You will soon see your desires show up in the most pleasant of ways. 

With the AFFIRM Jewelry Collection you can begin to create your reality by:

  1. Thinking the most powerful thoughts throughout the day to manifest into your life your Heart's Desires.
  2. Speaking the most powerful statements  as if your life is already the way you want it to be.
  3. Wearing the AFFIRM Collection to remind you that you are dedicated in creating your reality now!!