Mystic Topaz Triangle Earrings

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Mystic Topaz and Sterling Silver Triangle Shaped Earrings.  Topaz is a Stone known to help the wearer gain wisdom as they move through life.  Mystic Topaz is very colorful usually sporting a rainbow of Blue, Green and Purple.  However, you can find Mystic Topaz of various coloring.  The metaphysical properties of a Mystic Topaz will generally be empowered by the energy of the colors exhibited in the stone.  Mystic Topaz usually starts out as a colorless Topaz and then goes through a treatment process that permanently adheres the different colors to it.

This Mystic Stone is a Rainbow of the following Colors:

  • Purple  -  the color most filled with passion.  It is a color that is steeped in justice and known to be aligned with the spiritual forces.
  • Green  -  the color of Mother Nature and have powers of abundance, growth and life.
  • Blue  -  the color of peace and communication.