Ruby "Power" Bracelet


Ruby  -  is considered the most magnificent of all gemstones.  Reigned as the King of Gemstones natural Rubies can form as an opaque gemstone to a fiery transparent jewel.  The latter being more valued and coveted.  Rubies have even been known to form with a optical phenomenon to create a Star like effect.  This phenomenon is known as an asterism giving the gemstone the well known name Star Ruby

The metaphysical propeties of the Ruby is just as alluring and majestic.  It is thought to stimulate the Base Chakra.  It is said to increase vitality and the life force energy, better known as the Chi.  This energy can emanate throughout the body straight into the spirit realm and is why this gemstones hold the title as King of Gemstones.  Rubies promotes clarity of mind, increased concentration and motivation.  It can bring about a sense of POWER to the wearer and a self confidence that helps to overcome timidity.  The wearer can feel an energy that helps to catapult them toward prosperity and achievement.  

Ruby is the Gemstone everyone should have in their Arsenal of Fashion.  Manifest the necessary energy to create Power, Prosperity and Self Confidence into your Reality by wearing your Ruby today.

Start your days by doing the following:

  • Say, "Today I am all Powerful, Prosperous and Confident.  Nothing and No one can stop me from being successful in all I set out to achieve".
  • Put your Ruby "Power" Bracelet on.
  • Look at it often to remind yourself of your determination to Be All That You Can Be.

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