Zircon "PROSPERITY" Bracelet


Zircon -  the oldest, natural gemstone known to man. Yes, it is older than a diamond with it's age being approximately 4.404 Billion Years Old and is not to be confused with the man made stone "Cubic Zirconia".  In fact, that CZ was first made to mimic the fire and brilliance of the Zircon not the diamond.  Mainly because the Zircon is expensive and hard to find.  Zircon is a much sought after stone.  It possess a fire and brilliance display second only to the finest diamond.  Legend has it that when a Zircon loses its luster and fire, that is a sign of imminent danger.   Zircon is considered the Stone of of Purity and Chastity.  This stone is able to help in balancing emotions, increasing self respect and integrity. Zircon is said to exhibit magical powers in its battle against evil spirits and is considered a perfect stone to protect the wearer against illnesses, injuries and insomnia.  Zircon brings restful sleep and prosperity, and promotes honor and wisdom to the bearer. It can bring in success, financially, in business, in relationships and in general.

Stack 'Em or wear them individually.  Stack different ones or Stack the same ones.  Have fun and Create your Reality, Manifest your dreams .....Be Prosperous!!


"I open my hands and prepare to receive all the Goodness the Universe will pour out to me". 



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